Nabilla: Son Milann takes Pita for a walk in the street!


Nabilla unveiled an adorable video of Milann on Instagram. The little boy walks his dog Pita in the street. We show you!

Nabilla is delighted! His son Milann gets along wonderfully with Pita. The little boy even loves to walk his dog in the street like a grown-up. And that’s adorable! We let you discover …

Nabilla has not lost her good habits in 2021! Indeed, the it girl continues to share her daily life with her fans on social networks!

After a very festive weekend with her friends, the young mother resumed her rhythm of family life. She spent a lot of time with her little Milann!

The pretty brunette pleased her little boy by giving him a big walk in town! And surprise! A surprise guest came to join them!

Indeed, Nabilla decided to take her dog Pita with her. The little Vergara family was therefore complete for this first Sunday of the year!


As always, Nabilla filmed this unique moment to share it with her fans. We can then discover Milann keeping Pita on a leash like a grown-up. Adorable!

The little cabbage walks the dog and walks behind him. The latter laughs out loud, and is very proud to do like his mother!

Nabilla did not resist watching the scene. She also writes in the caption “Just like mom”. No doubt: the pretty brunette is proud to see her son imitate her!

This is not the first time that the bomb has shown us her son playing with his dog. Indeed, the little piece of cabbage can no longer do without his companion.

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Milann and Pita get along really well! The duo have been inseparable for the past few weeks. Something to please the star!

This scene also made the fans of Nabilla crack! The bomb was therefore unanimous with this adorable story. What do you think ?


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