Nabilla: Son Milann sings Cardi B’s “WAP”

Nabilla has fun with funny filters on Snapchat and then makes Cardi B sing the song “WAP” to her son Milann!

Nabilla has once again made her millions of Snapchat fans laugh out loud. Her son Milann sings the very famous song WAP by American rapper Cardi B and it’s hilarious!

Very active on social networks, Nabilla delighted her large audience. With her, he doesn’t really have time to be bored.

Every day, France’s most popular reality TV contestant feeds her various accounts with exclusive content. And her fans love it!

They follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse, in quest of new things. And for once, there is a hell of a lot every day.

Between the photos of her shootings, the fashion and beauty tips, the little moments with her son and the original announcements, there is plenty to do.

As a result, Nabilla appears to be one of the most popular and influential French bloggers of the moment. She has over 6 million followers on Instagram!

Yes, you did hear it. But she is also very popular on Snapchat, the platform on which she reveals everything about her daily life, to say the least, animated.

And she just added a hilarious new video with her son Milann!

Nabilla: her son Milann sings “WAP” by Cardi B and it’s hilarious!


On Snapchat, Nabilla reveals absolutely everything about her days. Internet users thus share their daily life and feel very close to their idol.

Happier than ever since the birth of her son, the social media star does not hesitate to show her happiness there. Which seems to please her fans a lot.

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The photos and videos of little Milann are full of his story! At each appearance, the little piece of cabbage then makes the Canvas crack. He is really too cute!

And to the delight of its subscribers, the one who shares the life of the handsome Thomas Vergara has just reoffended with a new video.

Yes, you did hear it. Finally … This is actually a photo animated by an application filter. We then see Milann singing the title WAP of the very famous rapper Cardi B.

No, you’re not dreaming ! The sequence is really hilarious. Laughing, Internet users once again reacted en masse to the blogger’s post.

They still can’t get over it! It must be said that it is really very funny. One thing is certain then, Nabilla has not finished having fun on the Web.

We let you take a look at the Snapchat story of the social media star. It’s worth the detour !



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