Nabilla: son Milann opens his Christmas presents!


On social networks, Nabilla shared beautiful Christmas moments with the family. Milann can’t wait to open his presents!

Nabilla is very happy to celebrate Christmas with her loved ones. Besides, his son Milann is ecstatic. He can’t wait to open his presents!

This holiday season, celebrities show us their best family photos. This is the case of Jessica Thivenin, or even of Nabilla!

Eh yes ! The young mother therefore decided to leave Dubai to celebrate Christmas with her family. Direction France, then Switzerland!

Since yesterday, the Vergara family has shared several family photos on social media. They show that they are having a great evening with their family.

And one thing is certain, little Milann was indeed the star of the evening! So yesterday he was wearing a beautiful red suit and a bow tie! He matched his mom very well.

On Instagram, Nabilla therefore wrote: “My little family and I wish you a Merry Christmas”.


And on this December 25, the little one has opened his gifts. And he was very impatient! Nabilla therefore filmed this very precious moment on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

She then addresses her son: “What’s in there? Shall we open the presents? Can you show us what’s inside? ”

And obviously, Milann was not the only one to be spoiled! Nabilla also had a nice gift from her husband: “I’m going to open my gift! ”

Then when she uncovered her luxury bag, she started screaming with joy, “No but you’re crazy, how beautiful is he … Thank you baby.” It shouldn’t be, it’s too nice! She said to Thomas.


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