Nabilla shows her assistant and spends a night with her!


Nabilla appears super close to her assistant! In a party, the two seem to get along well in sexy mode … A great moment!

Great moment between Nabilla and her assistant! The two women both flaunt themselves in the evening … And they both seem very close, but also very sexy! So they show themselves dancing …

But the reality TV star warns right away, “Don’t try DM, this is my assistant.” In other words, she knows she’s pretty, but she keeps it to herself… and they have fun together too!

We thus discover a Nabilla in great shape during the evening in her Insta stories. Very dressed, she flaunts herself in the bathroom mirror with her assistant … And the two have released their best outfits!

Shauny Ingham, her makeup assistant, put on her best dress… While her sidekick shows off in a white crop-top and tight black jeans. So they look as sexy as ever!

So Nabilla and Shauny both have a blast in the mirror. They thus seem very close and totally uninhibited … and do not hesitate to appear twerking dancing, with sexy and lascivious dances.


They also and above all seem to be laughing at! The evening is going very well, while Thomas Vergara waits patiently outside ordering drinks. He certainly does not know what is going on in the toilets!

Nabilla is therefore making the most of her life in Dubai. While Milann had to stay at home with his nannies, his parents had a blast in the evening… And obviously, his mom needed to have a little fun!

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So she found the perfect friend with her makeup artist. Because Shauny Ingham looks great to set the mood and dance with her! The two girls toast, dance, and even sing Booba …

A beautiful evening between the two girls and Thomas Vergara, therefore! We expect to see Nabilla’s face when we wake up tomorrow morning, but she looked like she was having a good time!


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