Nabilla robs stores on a shopping day in Dubai!


In Story on her Instagram account, Nabilla posted a video where she showed that she had robbed stores during a trip to Dubai!

On social networks, Nabilla very often reveals her daily life to her fans. For a few days, the pretty brunette was on vacation in Miami. Now she is back in Dubai and wants to enjoy it.

This Wednesday, November 11, Nabilla posted new photos on her Instagram account. At first, she showed her fans that she was shopping in Dubai. Accompanied by Thomas Vergara she seemed thrilled.

Nabilla has visibly fallen for handbags. It must be said that this is his little cute sin. The young woman has a large collection of bags. She had shown her little gems to her fans on social media.

But that’s not all. Milann’s mom also shared a video of Thomas Vergara walking in a shopping center. He had many bags in her hands. It seems that her wife has robbed the shops.


While Nabilla fans thought she had an argument with Thomas, she didn’t. They seemed very happy on their trip. As a reminder, the pretty brunette had to speak about it. For 2 days, she hadn’t snapped with her husband.

Her fans wondered if they were still in a relationship. The reality TV candidate had balanced: “There are people who drive people crazy. Thomas and I didn’t snap for two days. ”

Thomas Vergara’s wife also added, “And they’re like, ‘yeah they’re messed up. Frankly one, we weren’t in trouble. And yes, we are sometimes confused. Like all couples ”.

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She also swung, “I’m not going to take my snap and say, ‘yeah today I’m upset with my husband. He did this, this and this to me. It is my husband. I respect him. I’m not going to wash my dirty clothes in public saying what happened. “


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