Nabilla reveals Liaam’s face for the first time!


Nabilla is not afraid to expose her whole life on Instagram. Today, 3 months after her birth, she reveals the face of her nephew Liaam.

Nabilla knows a great notoriety. And yet, she does not hesitate to show intimate moments on the Web. Today, the young aunty finally reveals the face of her nephew Liaam.

For several years, Nabilla has met with great success. And for good reason, the young woman is a big star of social networks. Thus, it already has 6.4 million subscribers.

After a long experience in reality TV, Nabilla has decided to leave this world for good. But she doesn’t intend to stop there. Eh yes !

With her experience as a TV presenter and her businesswoman’s hat, Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart is therefore on all fronts.

Today, Nabilla devotes herself to her job as an influencer. She then advises her fans and does not hesitate to reveal her beauty secrets. So nice !

But if there’s one thing the brunette beauty’s followers are interested in, it’s her private life. Indeed, Tarek’s sister shares lots of intimate moments. What to delight his fans then.

On the Web, Milann’s mother shows her new family life. Between declarations of love for Thomas Vergara and moments of accomplice with her son, she therefore makes Internet users crack.

Today, Nabilla reveals the face of her nephew Liaam. With this pretty shot, she melts the canvas.


Internet users were very surprised this Thursday, February 11. Nabilla’s family has been talked about again.

3 months ago, Terek Benattia and his darling Camélia became the happy parents of Liaam. Moreover, it was Nabilla who announced this beautiful birth.

And for good reason, the new parents had preferred to remain discreet. So they wanted to experience this moment in a more private way.

This had surprised Internet users. It is true that Nabilla’s sister-in-law had shared her early pregnancy.

She then announced on May 31: “After four years of relationship, a marriage and a move to the other side of the world, we are happy to announce that we are expecting our first child. ”

Since Liaam was born, Tarek and his wife had decided to hide their son’s face. And yet, the couple finally decides to reveal the face of the little one.

With a video on Insta, the face of Nabilla’s nephew was then shown. The fans were therefore delighted.

Tarek Benattia then declared: “It is with immense joy and great reluctance that today we have decided to reveal to you the apple of our eye, our reason for living our son”.

Besides, Nabilla quickly followed suit. She then posts a nice shot with her nephew. She then adds: “I present to you Liaam, Milann’s little cousin. “What to melt the Web then.


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