Nabilla responds for surgery “I did not wear a prosthesis”!


Nabilla is used to clashes. On Snapchat she responds to rumors of cosmetic surgery. And she doesn’t hesitate to say what she thinks.

Nabilla is the center of attention on the Web. Today it is about cosmetic surgery that she is speaking. The beautiful brunette responds cash to rumors.

Nabilla has a habit of creating a buzz. On the Internet, Internet users observe everything she does. The instagramer then shares a lot of her life. What to delight her  fans then.

In fact, Thomas Vergara’s wife has 6.4 million Instagram followers. Impressive!

The former reality TV contestant has enjoyed great success since her famous “Hello”. Nabilla revealed in reality TV’s Angels has come a long way since then. Eh yes !

Indeed, it would seem that reality TV is ancient history for the latter. Today, she is living her best life in Dubai. Now an influencer, she seems to be living a dream life.

The pretty social media star has also become a mom. Her son Milann was born after 8 years of relationship with her darling Thomas Vergara.

Despite her new life, Nabilla is still categorized as a reality TV contestant. And like many, she receives reviews about cosmetic surgery. So she decides to respond to the awful comments about her buttocks.


For several years, reality TV candidates have been creating a buzz on the Internet. Indeed, many are accused of abusing cosmetic surgery.

Today it’s Nabilla to be criticized. The beautiful brunette then makes her annoyance known on Snapchat. Once again, the latter intends to be heard. Ouch!

As always, Nabilla is slammed on her buttocks. In short, she was then accused of putting on prostheses. On her Snapchat account, the strong-natured candidate once again denies it.

She explains, “For the 40,000th time I haven’t put prostheses in my butt. “. Very annoyed, Milann’s mother says her buttocks are natural.

Well not really, she adds, “I had injections a long time ago, and that’s it. “. Indeed, the Instagram star did not resort to prosthetics but to injections. What to silence the critics.

Besides, Nabilla isn’t really afraid of anything. She gives her opinion on prostheses. And the least we can say is that she’s being honest. The latter says: “I find it ugly. It’s personal. “. Surely Jessica Thivenin could take it badly then. Several months ago the pretty blonde put prostheses. The latter has been widely criticized.

Finally, the pretty candidate then gives the secret of her dream buttocks. She explains, “I do about 30 to 80 squats a day with weights. “. In any case Nabilla responded well to all these criticisms.


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