Nabilla refuses to make reality TV and replies cash “stop”!


Nabilla is angry. Indeed, the young woman is tired of still being associated with reality TV, whether by the fans or the media!

This morning, Nabilla decided to speak on her Snapchat account, for a very specific reason. Thus, the young woman intends to make her fans and the media hear her desire to no longer be associated with reality TV.

“There clearly, I will take off my patches that I have in front of me. And God knows when I take my patches off I get really pissed off. In addition, I put them on not long ago “, launches the young woman at the beginning of her Snapchat Story, in an annoyed tone.

Thus, the young woman seems on the nerves. And we do not take long to know the reason! “Stop telling me about reality TV. Stop with that word. I can not stand it anymore. I do not support it anymore. Neither I nor my family are going to do reality TV. I drew a line on it. It doesn’t interest me anymore. This is no longer my delirium! She then exclaims.

Nabilla therefore seems to be fed up with Internet users asking her the question “every day”. But as if that were not enough, the young woman also comes across articles about her.

Indeed, a blogger has just started the rumor that Nabilla could be the star of a new reality show filming behind the scenes of her private life. Rumor that turns out to be false!

The young mother has just denied the information on Twitter by writing: “Stop the mito there’s no reality TV! I never do and will never do reality TV again! Even for a billion, thank you. ”


However, Nabilla says that everyone does what they want. “Everyone is free. But you must also learn to respect people’s choices. I have already told you that I am not interested in reality TV at all. Whether it’s a show where I go myself or with my family. Already, I am telling you clearly, I would never leave my son “, she explains, facing the camera.

Before continuing: “I don’t see myself today, at 28, going on a show. It’s not for me anymore. I turned the page. It would be going backwards. I’m not going to force myself to do things. Thank God I have everything I need. I have businesses, a healthy family full of job opportunities… “.

However, Nabilla does not spit on her past in reality TV: “It was super nice. At that point I wanted to do this. I regret nothing. If I could redo it, I would” .

Also, the Vergara family may appear onscreen very soon! Indeed, the pretty brunette believes that she has a lot of things that her fans don’t know about her. Lots of things to show. So what does it have in store for us? To be continued !


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