Nabilla publishes an adorable photo with her son Milann on!


On her Instagram account, Nabilla shared a really adorable photo of her baby boy Milann. She really melted her fans!

On social networks, Nabilla very often reveals pictures of her son Milann. Thanks to her, her fans can follow the progress of her little boy on social media. They are really unanimous on the Internet.

This Wednesday, January 20, Nabilla posted a new photo on her Instagram account. The beauty took the pose in the streets of Dubai. She displayed herself alongside Milann. The latter took the pose with his most beautiful smile.

For her part, Nabilla turned out more radiant than ever. With her long blonde hair, she appeared really radiant with her baby. They melt Internet users on the social network.

In Story on her Instagram account, the reality TV contestant also wrote: “Hello, this is us”. With her shot, she actually collected over 294,000 likes in just three hours from her fans.


In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment Nabilla and her little boy. It must be said that the two have really cracked the web. They appeared to be very accomplices as usual.

And the least we can say is that Nabilla and Milann also look like two drops of water. The more the little boy grows, the more he takes on the features of the pretty brunette.

Below her photo, fans also wrote, “Too many feelings. You’re so cute. “,” Wow you are so beautiful. “,” Beauties, mother and son. “,” He has a beautiful face. “But also” He is so chewable “.

Many really adorable messages that are sure to please Nabilla. It must be said that the latter can always count on the love but also the kindness of her fans on social networks!


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