Nabilla presents her huge dressing room to Léna Situations


Nabilla has been welcoming Léna Situations, who is in Dubai, for a few days. And she takes the opportunity to show him her huge dressing room.

For several days, Léna Situations has been in Dubai. And she’s there to work with Nabilla. So the two young women get to know each other and seem to get along pretty well. The young influencer is therefore invited to the reality TV star and discovers her dressing room.

And there’s something to be shocked about when you’re not used to it. Nabilla’s dressing room is just huge. But for tonight’s party she doesn’t know how to dress. So she asks Lena for advice. The girl who is a fan of fashion is in heaven.

Around her, full of luxury bags as she adores. And we’re not even talking about shoes. After choosing the outfit and the shoes you have to choose the bag. “The khaki” then advises Léna Situations. And when she gets on the stepladder she comes face to face with slippers.

“But even your slippers cost billions” says Léna Situations. What makes Nabilla and her sister-in-law Camélia laugh a lot. The two of them weren’t expecting this reflection at all. In short, after this session, they take a glass of champagne and go out.


So Nabilla introduces Dubai to Léna Situations. She takes him to a great place to party. And if the new mother indulges herself by ordering caviar, her sidekick doesn’t like it. So she posted a story writing “she doesn’t like it !! ”

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This does not mean that they are not enjoying their evening. The atmosphere looks great. In the end, everyone comes back to Nabilla’s house while singing in the car. A beautiful late night atmosphere.

But Léna Situations is still invited. Nabilla and she continues to sip champagne between f


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