Nabilla pissed off at plane passengers angry with Milann!


Nabilla flew to France with her little family. Milann cried a lot and drew the wrath of the passengers. Nabilla has a hard time managing little Milann all the time. During an airplane trip, the child cried a lot and this annoyed the passengers somewhat.

Nabilla stood out because of Milann. Over two years ago, the starlet gave birth to a baby boy. She is very happy to be a mother and takes care of her son. Thus, she forms a beautiful family with Thomas Vergara. In fact, the couple seem happier than ever.

The reality TV star bought a beautiful villa in Dubai. She goes out of her way to make many arrangements in her house and seems rather happy with the result. So, she loves her new life in the Arab Emirates and can enjoy the good weather all year round.

Nabilla shares a good part of her life on social networks. So even far from France, her fans can continue to feel close to her. In fact, a few hours ago, the starlet packed her bags to go to France with Milann and Thomas Vergara. However, the trip did not go very well …

Usually, Milann is very wise on the plane. However, this time the little boy found the time long and cried several times. This annoyed many passengers and the starlet felt very embarrassed … and angry!


Nabilla made a long trip with her child to go to France and go to the mountains. She had been planning her trip for days and seemed to be eager to return to her country. Nevertheless, the plane trip seems to have been torture for little Milann. Confused and tired, the little boy did not stop crying.

“Our son cried a little on the plane. It was a bit complicated, “Thomas’s wife said after exiting the airport. Tired, the starlet said she had a terrible time on the plane and stood out for the wrong reasons. Indeed, the passengers were tired of hearing Milann cry.

“There are people, so that annoys me, because I was the first when babies cried to get drunk, but I wasn’t like ‘Shhh’. And there, right in front of us, Milann was crying, and they started to say “Rohh”. Every time he cried, they were like “pfff”. There is nothing worse, “she confessed on Snapchat.

We suspect that Nabilla must have taken his illness patiently faced with the comments of the passengers. Especially since she found it very difficult to calm her son. However, there was nothing more she could do to soothe him and felt somewhat helpless. “Children, they cry, we are not going to suffocate them in fact,” she finally said.


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