Nabilla: New Year is controversial on social networks!


Happy New Year, Nabilla! From the first day of 2021, the reality TV star finds himself taken to task for his New Year’s Eve … Hard!

So the year is off to a good start for Nabilla! While celebrating the New Year with Thomas, she finds herself taken to task on the networks. Some people blame him for an overly festive New Year’s Eve!

All the influencers of reality TV indeed seem to have met in Dubai. In Instagram stories, we discover that Maeva Ghennam was in the game. Just like Manon Marsault.

An evening with friends, or almost … but not everyone! The words “covid” and “virus” thus come up quite a bit in the comments below Nabilla’s photos.

It must also be said that Thomas Vergara and his wife have just returned to Dubai after a family Christmas. Travel, family reunions, meetings with friends: “not very covid all that”.

Nabilla therefore finds herself targeted by reproaches under her publications. Quite a few fans would like to know “where are the masks” in the photos of the party … But others are more vocal.


One subscriber commented, “It looks like the virus affects everyone except reality TV people …” A sense of injustice seems to emerge among some fans.

Others are very positive about the four girls together … A lot of them wish Nabilla “a very happy new year 2021”. But the size of the party and the barrier gestures raise questions.

A small controversy to which the reality TV star will surely not answer. It must also be said that, among its subscribers, the detractors seem in the minority in front of the fans …

The fact remains that the covid seems to have been forgotten on this first day of the year 2021. A big team, without a mask: Nabilla has undoubtedly disappointed some of her fans… But well celebrated the year!


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