Nabilla more fulfilled than ever with her “precious” on!


On her Instagram account, Nabilla shared adorable photos of herself showing off with her baby boy, Milann. They caused a sensation!

This Sunday, January 17, Nabilla shared several photos on her Instagram account. And the least that can be said is that she did not fail to melt the fans. She displayed herself with her little family.

At first, Nabilla unveiled an adorable shot where she posed with her little boy Milann in her arms. The brunette beauty appeared with her hair up, a beige cyclist, a tight top and a gray jacket.

For his part, Milann displayed his best smile. In the process of giving Nabilla a little hug, he made the fans crack. Wearing beige pants, a brown sweater and white sneakers, he appeared very classy.

In the 2nd photo, Nabilla took a pose with Thomas Vergara and Milann at the restaurant. While restaurants are closed in France, this is not the case in Dubai. The small family can therefore enjoy outings in the city.

On that day, Milann even gave food to Thomas Vergara. For a few seconds, the roles were reversed which greatly amused the Web. For once, it’s the little boy who fed his daddy.

Nabilla seemed moved by this adorable family portrait. In the last photo, the fans also noticed that Milann also wanted to feed his mother. The latter lent itself to the game.


In the caption of her Instagram snapshot, the young woman wrote: “My precious”. All accompanied by an adorable little red heart. One thing is certain, Nabilla has clearly won unanimous support on the Internet.

With her pictures, Nabilla has collected more than 329,000 “likes” in just five hours from her fans. In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment the cute little family.

They wrote to the reality TV contestant, “Amazing the way you take care of it… it’s wonderful to see you so happy! »,« Truly a wonderful family. “But also” So beautiful and clever “.

Others also added, “You are so cute! This little piece is growing so fast. »,« Too beautiful little family. “,” So beautiful and sincere this little family. “But also” I love this little boy. He is super cute ”.

Many messages that are sure to please Nabilla. If she often has to face the haters, the latter can always count on the support of her fans. But also on their benevolence.

Since Milann came into her life, some find that the Love Island presenter has changed a lot. It is attracting more and more subscribers on social networks!


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