Nabilla messes up The Bridgerton Chronicle “This is rotten”


Nabilla does not like the series “The Chronicle of the Bridgertons” available on Netflix at all and is making it known on Snapchat!

On the advice of her darling Thomas Vergara, Nabilla has therefore launched the new Netflix series called The Chronicle of the Bridgertons. But the social media star doesn’t like it at all and therefore doesn’t hesitate to say it on Snapchat.

To the delight of their millions of fans, Nabilla and her companion Thomas Vergara reveal all their daily life, to say the least, animated.

With them, Internet users do not have time to be bored. They follow the couple’s crazy adventures with great attention through social media.

And yet, there is plenty to do! Hilarious anecdotes, photo shoots and little moments of complicity, everything goes!

Between them, they have more than 8 million followers on Instagram. Yes, you did hear!

On the night of Tuesday 5 to Wednesday 6 January, the duo then once again made Internet users die of laughter with a hilarious video on Snapchat.

Nabilla therefore accuses her darling of having advised him a “rotten” series so that she will fall asleep quickly and he can play on the console … No, you are not dreaming!

You will no doubt have understood it, so this is The Chronicle of the Bridgertons available since December 25, 2020 on Netflix.


Not long ago, Nabilla therefore told a new laughing anecdote on Snapchat: “So I have to tell you something. Every time there is a show, Thomas says to me: ‘I have to put a show on you too much, it’s too good, everyone’s talking about it, all the media.’ I believe it. ”

However, she does not seem to really appreciate this new series… And she does not hesitate to let it be known: “I do not stick to the first (episode), not to the second… Suddenly, I tell myself that it is me , if everyone likes it, for sure I’ll like it. And there he told me to watch what? ‘The Bridgertons Chronicles’ on Netflix. This is crap! These are tales, I don’t understand anything at all. ”

Nabilla then accuses the blow. According to her, her boyfriend would therefore try to put him to sleep with boring series: “In fact it’s to fall asleep like that you’re going to play Play […] He put this on to fall asleep! Like that he plays to the max and I am there, in front of a rotten series. Is that my husband? ”

You will no doubt understand, Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart does not like The Chronicle of the Bridgertons at all. We let you discover his Snapchat story!


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