Nabilla loves to play hide and seek with her little Milann!


Nabilla is a real mother hen with her little Milann. And the duo has cracked the web again with new videos!

Nabilla is back in Paris with her little family. Via her Instagram story, the pretty brunette immortalized her little Milann who seems to be having a good time in their sublime hotel.

Every day, Nabilla feeds all her social networks to the delight of her admirers. Last I heard, the star has finally made his comeback in France.

The young woman is also expected to celebrate the end of the year holidays alongside her family. The influencer is also looking forward to reuniting with her grandmother, as it has been several months since she saw her due to the pandemic.

In the meantime, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara seem to have put their suitcases down in a sublime Parisian hotel. Liaam’s aunt has obviously shared countless videos via her social media.

During one streak, her little Milann seemed to be enjoying himself like crazy under the watchful eyes of his famous parents. The proof in pictures!


On a daily basis, Nabilla loves to play with her son Milann. And their dog Pita is never far to have fun with them!

But obviously, their adorable doggie seems to have stayed in Dubai. Seeing the statue of a dog, Tarek’s nephew seemed to be looking for “Tita” whom he likes to call everyday.

“Where is Tita ?!” »Thomas Vergara then launched. “Where is Tita ?! »Nabilla adds before their son takes hold of the stones placed in a pretty fireplace.

“So it turns out we have kind of a fireplace like that in the room and there are lots of stones. And he takes them one by one to put them up there. If I understood correctly, “Nabilla explains in her video.

And also to specify: “And here I do not really know what he is doing (…). What are we going to do with his stones ?! Do you know that’s where Santa Claus comes from (..) ?! Do you know that ?! He comes down from the fireplace! “.

There is no doubt that this year Santa Claus will be very generous with the latter… To be continued, we tell you!