Nabilla leaves Dubai for the filming of Love Island season 2


Nabilla said she was getting ready to leave Dubai. She may well join the filming of season 2 of Love Island!

On social media, Nabilla has got into the habit of revealing her daily life to her fans. This week, she said she was leaving Dubai. Her fans are wondering if she’s joining the filming of Love Island season 2.

Last year, Nabilla announced a big surprise to her fans. She said, “Surprise, I’m your Love Island presenter. An island, singles … full of love, too many feelings. ”

Nabilla had therefore started filming on March 2, 2020. But that was without counting on the arrival of the health crisis. While filming was to last three weeks, Amazon Prime Video had to cut it to two weeks.

The candidates and the entire production had 24 hours to pack up and return home. The young woman seemed very disappointed not to have finished filming. It must be said that this new project seemed to please him.

Luckily for her, Amazon Prime Video announced that there will be a season 2 for Love Island. Some wonder if Thomas Vergara’s wife is on her way to the shoot.

A few days ago, Nabilla told her fans that she was leaving Dubai with her husband and their sons Milann. But that’s not all. Paul Duchemin, friend and hairdresser of the pretty brunette has also joined the family.


This Thursday, February 11, Nabilla shared several Story videos from her Instagram account. At first, she posted a photo where she posted herself with Thomas Vergara and their little boy Milann.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, Nabilla also wrote: “On the way to new adventures”. A few minutes later, she displayed herself on an airplane. And the least that can be said is that she looked very excited.

Some fans are therefore convinced that she will shoot season 2 of Love Island in the South East of France. However, Amazon Prime Video put an end to these rumors, not long ago.

The platform revealed that filming will not start at this time due to the health crisis. It must be said that France has still not resumed a normal life. Restaurants, bars and places of cultivation are always closed.

But that’s not all. The curfew at 6 p.m. could well endanger the shooting. For now, Nabilla will have to take her troubles patiently. She’ll probably wait in France before getting the green light for the shoot.

Fans are still looking forward to discovering the new contestants for Love Island Season 2. It will take some patience to find out more. To be continued!


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