Nabilla is sending a very cute message to Maeva Ghennam


For a few weeks now, Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam have shown themselves to be closer than ever. On Snapchat Nabilla sends him a little message.

Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam seem more and more friends. Very present on social networks, the two reality TV candidates often appear together. Today Nabilla is sending her girlfriend a message on Snapchat.

For some time now, reality TV candidates have landed one by one in Dubai. Indeed, they are therefore starting a new life there. Between restaurants, days at the beach and evenings with friends, these candidates seem to be living a dream life. We love !

After Jazz or even Nabilla, it is the family of Marseillais who arrive in Dubai. Manon and Julien Tanti, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia or even Benjamin Samat and Maddy Burciaga have decided to come and move in alongside their friends and TV colleagues.

But recently it was Maeva Ghennam who settled in the trendy city of the moment. Thus, the young candidate has become Nabilla’s neighbor. Oh yes just that!

Since their very eventful New Year’s Day, the two girlfriends have not stopped spending time together. On the Web, they are therefore showing themselves more and more complicit. And that’s not to displease their fans.

The two candidates and girlfriends love to party. And yet, because of the Covid-19 which affected the Marseillais family, they were forced to stop these crazy nights. Ouch!

And this separation is not going to end right away. Indeed Maeva Ghennam is on the set of Marseillais season 10. On this occasion, Nabilla therefore sends her a too cute message on Snapchat.


As you know, Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam have become inseparable lately. After isolation linked to Covid-19, the girlfriends separate again.

Indeed, for a few days Maeva Ghennam joined the shooting of Marseillais in Dubai. The latter has barely started when he is already making a lot of talk. So we can’t wait to discover this season.

In fact, candidates have already spoken about the shoot. They announce many tensions and big twists. In fact, fans of the W9 show can’t wait to see Season 10.

The arrival of Maeva Ghennam on the set was eagerly awaited by fans. This was not the case with his girlfriend Nabilla. Indeed, the latter already seems saddened by this departure.

And for good reason, this morning the pretty Nabilla dedicated a story to her on her Snapchat account. She identifies the beautiful Marseillaise and adds: “Miss you too too too”. Just that !

In short, Maeva Ghennam already seems to be missed by her new evening partner. Fortunately, the latter will soon return from this shoot. Phew!

Would this new friendship make Nabilla want to reappear on our screens? To be continued.


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