Nabilla is putting her in danger and worrying her family!


Nabilla is a real star. And like all stars, the young woman can sometimes be in danger. Alone in Paris, she worries her family.

Nabilla is very successful. So when she finds herself alone in Paris, her family sees the danger. So it’s panic.

For several years, Nabilla has met with great notoriety. At the beginning of the reality TV candidate, the pretty brunette has come a long way. What to impress the Web then.

And for good reason, the pretty mother is on all fronts. In fact, she even dared the experience of a TV presenter. On Amazon prime she then hosted Love Island. Once again, she was a hit.

Today, Nabilla has broken away from her image as a reality TV contestant. It was really what she wanted. So it seems that when the beauty has an idea in mind, nothing can stop it.

Thus, she became a great influencer. And for good reason, on Insta the pretty brunette is followed by 6.4 million subscribers. Not bad !

Also a businesswoman, Nabilla has therefore become a leading media star. She then seems the happiest in the world.

And yet, the life of a star is not always easy. In fact, Thomas Vergara’s wife is still followed by her bodyguard. Indeed, its security is sometimes endangered.

But in Paris, the ex-reality TV contestant found herself alone. So there was panic on board. Her family and her husband were therefore very worried.

Nabilla puts herself in danger alone in Paris and worries her whole family!


A few days ago, Nabilla presented her bodyguard to her fans. She then explained that the latter really followed her everywhere.

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Besides, the young woman even laughed at him. She laughed at the situation then. Indeed, he even followed her in the elevator. Something to laugh about, but you should never be too careful.

Currently in Paris with her husband and son, Nabilla is then working on a secret project. So in the afternoon she left the two boys to go on a date.

The beauty forgot to tell her bodyguard. So she found herself alone in the streets of Paris. Enough to panic his family then. And at the same time his bodyguard. Ouch!

The beautiful Nabilla was therefore argued. She explains, “I got yelled at by my security because a while ago I left without telling him. And he saw it on Snap. He’s too mad at me. ”

So she adds, “He told me I should never do that again because it’s super dangerous. Thomas yelled at me too, everyone yelled at me. Basically I didn’t want to disturb him and he doesn’t understand. He told me I was completely crazy. ”

In short, the Benattia family was therefore very stressed. But don’t panic Nabilla is doing very well. Besides, she should soon be sharing her ski trip. To be continued.


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