Nabilla is proud to interview Nikos Aliagas!


Nabilla is very proud of her today. She met her idol Nikos Aliagas for an interview in the French capital. For some time now, Nabilla has been in Paris. And the young woman takes the opportunity to do interviews and other professional meetings. In any case, she makes the most of the time here with Thomas and Milann. But today she meets her idol: Nikos Aliagas.

Today was a good day for the little family. Yesterday Nabilla reconnected with her father, whom she had not seen for a long time. And Thomas was having a good evening with him. He told her lots of stories about his wife when she was a teenager.

And apparently, Nabilla was not the type to be very wise. She showed in story her correspondence book with all the observations. And there were a lot of them! School was not too much for her from what we understand. She chatted too much.

But this afternoon, the young woman met someone she greatly admires. We are talking about Nikos Aliagas, the host of TF1. It must be said that his face is very familiar. He hosts a lot of different shows these days. And the mother has always dreamed of meeting him.

It’s done ! Besides, it was for an interview! In story she explains. ‚ÄúToday I went to do an interview with someone I really admire. Hello Nikos! I hope I haven’t said too much nonsense anyway, “Nabilla worries.

Nabilla proud to have been interviewed by her idol Nikos Aliagas!


But apparently Nikos is happy with the interview with Nabilla. He thanks her for participating. “It’s a machine,” he continues. We can’t wait to see the young woman on TV to find out what happened! In any case, she is very happy with this meeting.

So much so that in the end she strikes a pose next to him for a little memory. Nikos says to remember the word “Napoleon” for the sequel. One wonders why. But to find out you will have to watch the host’s upcoming shows. At the moment it’s a secret.

A day that goes perfectly well for the small family. After that, Nabilla goes for a walk with Milann and Thomas. The little boy is very happy to meet a little dog. Apparently, he likes this animal a lot! So mom has an idea.

She wonders if she wouldn’t take another puppy. But not sure Thomas agrees. We will have to negotiate with her husband. But for her part, she thinks it could be a good idea. Her son loves dogs so much that it could bring him a lot.

We don’t know if this idea will succeed, but Nabilla is seriously thinking about it. It must be said that in Dubai the family already has a dog named Pita. In fact, this is one of the only words Milann pronounces correctly! So we can feel the love he has for animals


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