Nabilla is learning to recognize oysters and it’s hilarious!


On social media, Nabilla learned to recognize oysters in a hilarious video. Nabilla made a stopover in France. For the end of the year celebrations, the influencer has taken up residence in Paris to spend Christmas with her family.

The pretty brunette took the plane yesterday morning to see her family again. As with every trip, Nabilla took Milann and her husband, Thomas, with her.

The couple decided to spend Christmas with their family. With the Covid-19 crisis, the powerful couple thought of them, so they didn’t hesitate to catch a plane to join them.

Since being in France, the pretty brunette has therefore been keen to share photos and videos with her family. And the last one will make you laugh.

A few hours ago, Nabilla shared a video on which she learns to recognize oysters. As you know, there are several varieties of it.


The French influencer therefore shared her knowledge for her followers. “So oysters actually have numbers relative to the size of the oyster,” she began.

Eager to share her knowledge of this highly coveted seafood in France, the pretty brunette has continued. “The bigger the oyster, the bigger the number it has. And the one I have in my hands is a number 3 oyster, so that’s a big oyster, ”she continued.

She took the opportunity to ask what number 10 looked like. Unfortunately for her, an oyster of this size does not exist… “If that’s number three…”, she thought.

Nabilla is therefore very happy and fulfilled to be in France with her mother. The pretty brunette wanted her little Milann at all costs to spend the Christmas holidays with her family, and it is therefore a successful mission for the young woman.

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