Nabilla is glad to see Thomas saying “I’m not so lucky”!


Nabilla has just had an operation on her scar. This had made her suffer since her cesarean. And Thomas is at his bedside.

Nabilla is in Ukraine for an operation. She explained a few days ago the reason for her coming. She wanted to see a certain doctor to help her with the scar from her painful emergency Caesarean. That’s it, it’s done and luckily Thomas is here.

But at first, bad tongues were unleashed. Lots of internet users criticized the young woman for having cosmetic surgery again. To which the star replied: “I’m going to redo my butt, my eyes, my brain too because I’m sick of being stupid.”

But in reality, Nabilla was there for a good reason that she explained in the story. “I’m going to see it for the scar from my emergency Caesarean section (…) If there are mothers who have had emergency or scheduled Cesarean sections, this is a great address. ”

So she added. “You can go with your eyes closed if you don’t like the scar (…) A cesarean is not aesthetic. It’s for the health of mom and baby. And it’s done in a rush. ”


In addition, the scar had made her suffer since the birth of her son. Still, it’s a big deal. “It will be a small operation but I will still do a general anesthesia,” she warns. When I wake up it will hurt more, it’s going to be too good! ”

During Nabilla’s operation, Thomas reassured his community about the health of his sweetheart. I had the doctor’s assistant tell me that everything was fine. ”

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A few hours later we found a Nabilla a bit in turmoil on Snapchat. She had just woken up and she saw her husband with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. “I love you Tommy, the man of my life. I just woke up and my little Tom is waiting for me with a bouquet. Am I too lucky? “


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