Nabilla is confusing Thomas Vergara after the dream!


Obviously, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara had a rough night! On Snapchat, the two stars have also settled their accounts facing the camera.

It was a streak that must have amused Nabilla fans. On the Web, the star spoke with Thomas about his restless sleep. And he will soon have to answer to his wife because of the dreams.

To this day, Nabilla continues to be one of the influencers of the moment! His lifestyle inspires his community as much as it intrigues.

It must be said that the atypical career of the star fascinates the crowds. Last I heard, all is well for her.

Being very close to her followers, the pretty brunette immortalizes her daily life in Dubai every day. Installed in a sublime villa, Nabilla puts it in full view on her social networks.

Keen on fashion, the star very often gives style lessons to Internet users. Like a real businesswoman, Milann’s mother also has many partnerships with the biggest labels.

And she is also very busy managing her brand “Nabilla Beauty” which is very successful in France. Whatever happens, the influencer can always count on the unwavering support of her beloved Thomas.

In any case, their happiness and their complicity are a pleasure to see. But lately, he has also had to report to his wife!


On Snapchat, Nabilla initially greeted her darling in front of the camera. Asking him if the latter had slept well, unfiltered Thomas Vergara then begins to tackle his companion.

“You kept moving last night, I don’t know what you have right now,” Milann’s dad said.

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Throughout their discussion Nabilla explains that he seemed to have as badly as she did sleeping. Amused, Thomas Vergara says he was actually looking for his wife in his dream.

“I had lost you, it’s been a while since I last saw you,” the influencer defended himself. Distrustful, Nabilla is still convinced that her man was thinking of someone other than her.

To sort out this big misunderstanding, the pretty brunette then makes her understand that she is going to record it with a dictaphone next night.

“You’re going to justify yourself on every thing you say,” insisted the businesswoman. Before concluding: “It’s not you who are talking extra, it’s your ‘conscious thing’ that is talking! “. Case to follow therefore!


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