Nabilla is afraid of having Covid 19 “I am extremely tired”!


Nabilla is very worried! After learning that one of her friends has covid 19, she feels very tired! Nabilla is very tired. She hasn’t been feeling very well since finding out her friend was sick!

For two weeks, Nabilla has been accumulating festive evenings. First she spent Christmas with her family, then the New Year with a bunch of friends.

Among them, influencer Paola, reality TV contestants Maeva Ghennam and Manon Marsault… The only downside, the latter learned that she was ill.

Long before the New Year, Manon Marsault was already complaining of pain in the throat, and headache. But she still spent the evening with Nabilla and her friends.

So this morning, she learned that she had Covid19! She spoke on her Snapchat account:

“I didn’t sleep all night out of stress and pain. I had back pain. I got the results this morning. I am positive for Covid. I did well to lock myself in the bedroom two days ago. I was lost, so I called my pediatrician to find out what to do with my children. ”

“I have to stay isolated for ten days. Do not move. And so I have to eat a lot of fruits and vitamins (…) Everyone is negative, except me. ”


A hard blow for the young mother, but also for her friends! Maeva Ghennam therefore spoke: “As you have seen, Manon has covid. Since this morning, she is sad, she cries. It hurts me. Fortunately, her family doesn’t have covid. ”

For her part, Nabilla feels very tired. So she said she would do the test very quickly with Thomas:

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“Our friend just told us she has covid. Besides, I’m cold, I’m tired. ”

Nabilla then continues: “So here we are going to do the covid tests, I will keep you posted on what happens, it is very complicated. Because this friend must remain isolated at home, in addition she has two children… ”


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