Nabilla: Internet users accuse her of copying Jazz

Nabilla posted a photo on Instagram that made the Web react a lot! Internet users indeed think that the star has copied Jazz!

Nabilla just posted a photo of her little family aboard a private jet! A cliché that made a lot of talk on Instagram! Indeed, Internet users accuse him of copying Jazz!

For a few days now, Nabilla, Thomas Vergara and their son have put their bags down in France! Indeed, they are back for the holiday season!

So today the star posted a photo of herself and her family aboard a luxury private jet! Indeed, the family was leaving Paris to join another French city!

But there you have it … Many internet users have criticized Nabilla for copying Jazz with this shot! And for good reason, the mother of Chelsea and Cayden very often posts photos of her family in a private jet!


On the image that has made Internet users talk so much, Nabilla and her husband look each other straight in the eyes, holding hands while their son sleeps peacefully on his mother’s lap!

A family portrait that many Internet users have found magnificent! Indeed, the photo still accounts for more than 350,000 likes in just a few hours, a real record!

However, in the comments, many Nabilla followers felt that Nabilla had copied Jazz!

“Ptdr they never took a jet. It really wants to be like the JLC haha ​​”,” Looks like a picture of Jazz… I don’t understand usually they don’t take a jet! »We can read on the social network!

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Comments that still did not make Milann’s mother react! We let you admire the cliché in question of the little family below!



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