Nabilla: Internet users accuse her of copying Jazz!


On Instagram, Nabilla shared a photo where she displayed herself with Thomas on a private jet. Some accuse him of copying Jazz!

For several months now, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have left France to settle in Dubai. After a year in London and a few weeks in Paris, the two set down their suitcase in the fashionable new city.

In contrast, Thomas Vergara and Nabilla left Dubai to spend the holiday season in France. A few days ago, the two actually took the PCR test so they could get on the plane.

This Wednesday, December 23, Nabilla shared a new photo on her Instagram account. She posed in a private jet, with her husband Thomas and their little boy Milann. The latter had a big sleep on his mom.

Thomas and his wife struck a pose, looking each other straight in the eyes. With their best smile, they really melted their fans. For his look, the dad opted for a black sweater, black jeans, a scarf and a hat.


Nabilla also opted for a beige jogging set. To complete her outfit, she also opted for a beige beanie and beige sneakers too. In the caption of her Instagram photo, she also wrote: “Direction Noël”.

With her snapshot, the reality TV contestant garnered more than 229,000 likes in just five hours from her fans. In the comments, they didn’t hesitate to compliment the little family.

However, others have also accused the Love Island presenter of copying the JLC Family. As a reminder, the two families are really at war. One thing is certain: they hate each other.

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