Nabilla in Ukraine to do cosmetic surgery?


In Story of her Instagram account, the beautiful Nabilla explained to her subscribers that she was in Ukraine to do cosmetic surgery!

This Sunday, November 15, Nabilla posted several Story videos from her Instagram account. The young woman has made revelations about her trip to Ukraine. She decided to do cosmetic surgery.

In a Story from her Instagram account, Nabilla also said: “I met Doctor Ivan. He’s just adorable. I am very happy. I came to this clinic with a lot of recommendations ”.

Nabilla also added: “I heard very good. They didn’t disappoint me. The reception was incredible. The nurses were really nice. Everything is done very quickly. Above all, we feel great ”.

The young woman also gave info about the place. She also revealed to her fans, “It’s kind of a huge, super cozy house. He does a lot of things. Plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery ”.


Nabilla then unveiled the reasons for her stay in Ukraine. She explained, “I’m going to see him for the scar from my emergency Caesarean. I don’t have to share ”.

The reality TV contestant also continued, “But if there are moms who have had emergency or scheduled Caesareans, this is a great place. You can go there with your eyes closed if you don’t like the scar. ”

Milann’s mom also added: “A cesarean is not aesthetic. It’s for the health of mom and baby. And it’s done in a rush. (…) Really this is the best address for these things “.

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His fans are also eager to see the result. However, she did not say more about this new cosmetic surgery. It remains to be seen if she will speak about it in the following hours. To be continued!


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