Nabilla in paradise with Manon Marsault’s Chanel gift!

This Wednesday, February 10, Nabilla Vergara immortalized on the Web the sumptuous gift she had received from Manon Marsault!

On a daily basis, Nabilla Vergara and Manon Marsault are very close. Yesterday, Milann’s mother was also spoiled by the latter.

More and more of you are following Nabilla’s daily life in Dubai via her social networks. Last I heard, all is well for her!

The young woman continues to masterfully manage her own cosmetics brand: “Nabilla Beauty”. And all of its products clearly delight its community.

Fashion enthusiast, Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart also often gives style lessons on her social networks! It’s simple, she dares everything.

The businesswoman alternates looks according to her desires! Fashion faux pas?

Very little for her. All her clothing choices greatly inspire her followers.

Like her husband, Nabilla has a pretty dressing room that could make you green with jealousy. During her shopping sessions, Magali Berdah’s protégé does not hesitate to heat up her credit card to afford whatever she wants.

Like a real mother hen, the star does the same for her son. On the Internet, the businesswoman loves to immortalize her with outfits that are always all the rage.

Like his parents, Liaam’s cousin is already a real fashionista. We love !

This Wednesday February 10, Nabilla was obviously spoiled by her great friend Manon Marsault. The proof in pictures!


As you can see, Nabilla therefore immortalized a sumptuous gift from the house of Chanel that Tiago’s mother gave her. In her caption, the star also thanked her sidekick by tagging her with little hearts.

Milann, who was with his famous mother, seems very intrigued by the little package. On a daily basis, the latter makes his parents happy.

But also Internet users. Tarek Benattia’s nephew is growing rapidly.

Thanks to his entourage, he seems to understand English well! On a daily basis, Nabilla also likes to converse with him in the language of Shakespeare to the chagrin of Thomas.

“I try to speak to him in English and French because Thomas criticized me for speaking too much to him in English,” the pretty brunette recently told the Web.

But also: “So I also speak to him in French. But I no longer have the reflex to speak to him in English. Anyway, what I do: when I say a sentence to him in English I repeat it behind in French ”.

And to clarify: “For example I will say ‘Milano comes here / come here’. I make small duplicates like that. He understands what I’m saying. Finally, I hope “. Let Nabilla be reassured, she is doing brilliantly!



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