Nabilla in front of Booba’s photomontage is hilarious!


In Story of her Instagram account, Nabilla shared a photo where she appeared dead laughing in front of a photomontage of Booba!

On social networks, Nabilla very often reveals her daily life to her fans. This Saturday, November 14, she shared several videos where she ambianced herself on Booba’s new song “5G” with her assistance.

Nabilla appeared in the evening with her assistant Shauny not long ago. She even decided to do the “Nabilla Dance” for him. The two appeared really very close. During the evening, they also decided to have fun on Booba, by car.

Indeed, Nabilla listened to Booba’s new song “5G”. During the latter, he balances the following sentence: “2020, I put the Pope and Nabilla on the same table”. A wink that seems to please the main interested party.

While Booba doesn’t hesitate to gently tackle her on social media, she always seems hilarious with her photo montages. Right after listening to the song, she posted a snapshot that made her fans laugh.


Nabilla shared a photo of the famous painting “The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo”. Instead of Adam, however, he put a photo of Nabilla’s head. And in the place of God, he put the face of the Pope.

With the following sentence in the caption of this shot: “According to Booba (editor’s note: from Booba), 2020 is like:”. For her part, the reality TV contestant did not fail to react.

Indeed, Milann’s mother commented with several laughing emojis. She seems to validate this parody 100%. It must be said that on social networks she often shares Booba’s delusions.

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