Nabilla: “I love you but you’re embarrassing”!


On social networks, Thomas Vergara confided that he was ashamed of his wife Nabilla! She is embarrassing in his eyes

Nabilla and her husband are used to teasing each other on social media. The latter would be ashamed of her.

It is well known that Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are used to revealing their lives on social media. And more particularly on Snapchat.

Something that their subscribers really like. And since they became the happy parents of Milann, they share the development of the little one every day.

In recent days, Nabilla has teased her darling a lot. She makes up stories to start an argument. Like that time when she pretended to have heard her husband say a woman’s name in his dream.

Or other times when she accuses her husband of not being there enough for her and Milann, when he goes to have fun playing soccer with his friends.

Today, it’s Thomas who has taken over! Eh yes ! The young dad therefore decided to annoy his darling by telling her that she was embarrassing.


Even worse ! He would be ashamed of her. Because this morning, Nabilla was far from natural when she said hello to her community. She therefore redid her snap several times.

So she confided on social media: “He told me I was too embarrassing.” Then she turns to Thomas: “Either you love me the way I am or you don’t!

And obviously, this little tackle went a long way: “ok, I close it” therefore continues Nabilla. The couple then argued over a suitcase affair.

Because tomorrow morning will be the big departure for the little family. They will therefore join their families in Switzerland. So inevitably, the tensions are at the maximum! The reality TV contestant puts pressure on her husband to pack his bags on time. Obviously, the two lovebirds remain on the tone of the laughter.


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