Nabilla “I don’t want to look like a cyborg”!


Nabilla loves her body very much. And more particularly her buttocks! So she put things straight on the subject!

For the past few days, Nabilla has been in Ukraine. There were rumors then that she took the opportunity to do cosmetic surgery.

And it is. The mother of little Milann therefore confided on the subject on her Instagram account: “I met Doctor Ivan. He’s just adorable. I am very happy. So I came to this clinic with a lot of recommendations ”.

“I’ve heard so good. They didn’t disappoint me. The reception was incredible. The nurses were also super nice. Everything is done very quickly. Above all, we feel great ”.

“It’s kind of a huge, super cozy house. He does a lot of things. Plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery ”.

Eh yes ! Nabilla therefore wants to repair her scar due to the caesarean: “I will see him for the scar from my emergency caesarean. I don’t have to share ”.


Nabilla then continues: “But if there are mothers who have had emergency cesareans or are scheduled, this is a great address. You can go there with your eyes closed if you don’t like the scar. ”

Nabilla also assured that she did not take the opportunity to remake her buttocks: “Let me explain, I really like my buttocks. I therefore find them magnificent. And I won’t lie to you, I love my body. ”

” I love myself. Redo my butt no, I had injections. But prostheses never in life! The result is unnatural. Besides, I don’t need it. I don’t want to be disproportionate and look like a cyborg! I am therefore very good as I am! “

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