Nabilla: his son Milann shows off all the colors to Thomas!


It would seem that little Milann already has his character! He’s already annoying Thomas in front of Nabilla!

At only one year old, little Milann already has his character! Nabilla’s son shows his dad all the colors!

Since becoming a mother, Nabilla has been totally in love with her son! She does not hesitate to film her daily life on social media.

So much so that Milann has become a real celebrity on Snapchat! He even stole the show from his dear and loving parents!

To this day, the little one is growing fast and well! He runs everywhere, he eats very well and he is even starting to express himself!

Only now, it looks like he already has his little character! He loves having everything he wants! Some Internet users even say that it is too capricious!

In fact, Jessica Thivenin had tackled Nabilla, indirectly, saying that her son was well behaved, and that she did not respond to his every whim!


Today, Nabilla, Thomas and their son therefore left Geneva to return to Dubai! It had been a few days since they had come to see their family.

Millann was therefore able to see his grandmothers, and his great grandmothers! Something to make his parents happy! But on this Wednesday, December 30, they decided to pack up!

So Nabilla filmed a few moments on the plane. And one thing’s for sure, her little boy is having a blast with his daddy!

This time, they weren’t playing ball! Thomas therefore carried his son. The latter amused himself by annoying him by pulling his cap.

Something that made her mom laugh. So, she commented on her Snapchat account: “Hey Milann do it slowly with your father! ”

So there is no doubt, Thomas Vergara is indeed a daddy hen!


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