Nabilla: her Lamborghini badly damaged on the highway!


Bad luck for Nabilla! His sublime Lamborghini was damaged in a road accident. And the damage is impressive!

Nabilla and Thomas are disgusted! And for good reason: a truck damaged their Lamborghini on the highway! Find out more about their accident in the rest of the article!

Nabilla and Thomas are starting 2021 very badly! Indeed, the young parents experienced a rather astonishing misadventure this Wednesday, January 6.

Like every day, the stars took the highway to do some shopping. They then took their places aboard their sublime Lamborghini to make the journey.

Only, nothing went as planned for the couple! They suddenly saw their windshield shatter in front of their eyes because of … a stone!

Nabilla’s darling immediately immortalized the scene on his Snapchat account. He then explains: “There is a truck full of rubble, filled with stones in a dumpster. He dropped a rock on the road which bounced off my windshield! “.

The young man is still in shock from this accident. He explains that there was nothing he could do to avoid the stone, so he had to keep riding despite the danger!


Nabilla’s husband goes on and explains: “I’ve never seen this in my life, the rock bounced and hit my windshield I’m disgusted. The guy he’s gone, it’s amazing, I expected anything but that today! “.

The young man films his Lamborghini to show the damage to his fans. We can then see his windshield in a thousand pieces. Unbelievable !

Nabilla and Thomas were unlucky on this little highway trip. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incredible accident!

Thomas quickly moved on. Indeed, a young man went to Lamborghini to replace his windshield and forget about this mishap. More fear than harm then!


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