Nabilla: her son Milann amazed by images of animals!


This Wednesday, January 20, Nabilla made her fans crack by immortalizing her little Milann who is trying to speak more and more in English.

Yesterday, Nabilla again melted its subscribers. The cause ?! Via her Instagram story, the star shared new videos of her son Milann. And in the sequences, he even names an animal in English!

Every day, Nabilla is there to feed all of her social networks! And every time she posts, her community is on the alert.

A key figure in reality TV, the pretty brunette is to this day one of the most popular influencers of the moment. His daily life in Dubai intrigues a large number of internet users.

But not only ! Keen on fashion, Nabilla very often gives style lessons on the Web.

And the incendiary brunette also alternates looks according to her desires. A born boss, Magali Berdah’s protégé continues to brilliantly manage her “Nabilla Beauty” brand.

Even if the businesswoman is very busy with her business, her priority remains above all her little Milann. A few hours ago, the star also shared new videos of her little family. The proof in pictures!


To the delight of her subscribers, Nabilla has therefore immortalized an adorable moment between her husband Thomas and their little Milann. Tarek’s brother-in-law Benattia also showed his son pictures of animals on a cute tablet.

” What is that ?! It’s the giraffe (…). She sticks her tongue out, “the influencer told him. “It’s not Pita, it’s the giraffe.”

Seconds later, Nabilla’s husband shows Milann a picture of a fish. ” What is that ?! Fish ?! “. Intrigued, Liaam’s cousin in turn repeats the word in English under the proud gaze of his famous parents.

So much progress in a few months. We love !


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