Nabilla: her sister-in-law Camélia the victim of harassment


On her Snapchat account, Nabilla’s sister-in-law, Camélia, confided that she was the victim of harassment. She gave a rant!

On social networks, Nabilla’s sister-in-law gave a big rant. Indeed, Camélia confided that she was the victim of harassment. She can’t take it any longer and has put things straight on the web.

On her Snapchat account, Nabilla’s sister-in-law confided: “I’ll explain it to you because it tends to me, it annoys me. In fact, I do tutorials on Sundays ”.

Nabilla’s sister-in-law also added: “And there is a girl who has fun every time by commenting” Camellia’s tutorials can be found on Google etc … She’s not inventing anything “.

The young woman continued, “Okay there is no problem. I know what I’m using, someone can use it too. It’s like grandma’s recipes. There is not just one grandmother who uses it. ”

Camellia also revealed, “You know what I mean? And this girl has fun commenting on my posts whenever I do a tutorial. So I do this tutorial there, I block it. She recreated an account, I block her ”.


Nabilla’s sister-in-law continued: “She’s creating an account again, I’m blocking her. And now she’s having fun sending comments to those who have commented positively below my video. If that’s not harassment “.

The mom said, “If that’s not being crazy sick in your head. I can not understand. Google is my friend. You will be able to find benefits, the same mask. But hello I never said I was making anything up “.

She also said: “(…) Why are people so eager when something is right? Why are they like this? I find it disgusting. I spend my time blocking this person but they harass me ”.

The young woman also confided: “She harasses my subscribers, she harasses me. You must leave me alone. The people are crazy “


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