Nabilla: her resumption of sport is very difficult!


On her Snapchat account, Nabilla shared several videos where she confided that she was returning to sport with great difficulty!

It has been a while since Nabilla stopped the sport. But at the start of 2021, she made a new resolution. She decided to get back to sport. And it’s not really easy for her.

This Friday, January 8, Nabilla posted several videos on her Snapchat account. She unveiled her huge gym in Dubai. And the least we can say is that she is having a hard time recovering.

On her Snapchat account, Nabilla wrote, “It’s time to resume sports, guys. I’m already out of breath ”. For his part, Thomas Vergara also has to limit his physical activities due to an injury.

Indeed, the young man had to go to the hospital. After severe ankle pain, he decided to take some tests to find out what was wrong. Of course, his wife took him to the doctor. More fear than harm.


If Thomas Vergara doesn’t have the cruciate ligaments, but he does have inflamed ligaments. He must therefore remain at rest and apply ice to his ankle. Nabilla’s darling will not be able to resume sport for a while.

It’s not pure now that the reality TV contestant and her sweetheart are going to be able to play sports together. Despite everything, the pretty brunette decided to motivate herself. It remains to be seen whether she will keep her resolution.

A few days ago, Milann’s mother shared a new photo on her Instagram account. She’s displayed herself sexier than ever. In the caption of her photo, she also gave information to her fans.

The Love Island presenter revealed: “My babes, we start 2021 with lots of good resolutions”.


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