Nabilla: her rant against the haters “You are crazy”!

A Nabilla contest has obviously turned sour on the Web. Annoyed, the star settled accounts with her haters on Snapchat!

On a daily basis, Nabilla loves to organize contests to the delight of her fans. But some of them do not hesitate to tackle the lucky winners. Stung, the star has therefore delivered a little message to haters on Snapchat.

To this day, who does not know Nabilla ?! Powered by various reality TV shows, the young woman has become over the years one of the most popular influencers on the Internet.

A true marketing pro, Milann’s mother also brilliantly manages her own brand of cosmetics “Nabilla Beauty”. The star also makes multiple partnerships with the biggest brands.

Every day, Thomas Vergara’s companion feeds all of her social networks! Magali Berdah’s protégé has an incredible community on Snapchat. But also on Instagram.

Recently, it launched an incredible competition which allowed the winner to win nearly 10,000 euros worth of sneakers. Many Internet users were certainly hoping to win the bet.

As agreed, only one of them has been drawn! Unfortunately, the lucky winner has also drawn the wrath of some Nabilla subscribers. Annoyed, the businesswoman very quickly took over her Snapchat account to clarify matters.


“The winner of the contest for 10,000 euros in sneakers was announced yesterday,” Nabilla then begins facing the camera. “There is one thing that really annoys me (…). Not everyone, but there are some you are so rude and so mean (…) “.

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Before continuing without filter: “The winner is him. So congratulations to him (…). Even if he is a sinner, even if he is a walker. And even if he is a sleeper, even if he is I don’t know what it was he who won the day. ”

Then Nabilla concluded: “Now we have to stop attacking in the comments this person who is the winner. You are psychopaths! Really go get treatment. You are the one who has to go get your moldy neurons treated. ” The message has passed!



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