Nabilla has the same wedding ring as Thomas Vergara!

On Instagram, Nabilla has just revealed that her wedding ring was special. Indeed, it is the same as her husband Thomas Vergara

For several years, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have been united for life. Indeed, the two were getting married for better or for worse. This allows them to wear their middle finger with a sublime wedding ring. Moreover, their jewelry is special.

But before we tell you about it, maybe we should come back to the young woman’s last stroke. Indeed, the pretty brunette recently had a rant against fans accosting her in the street anyhow.

Nabila letting it know, “I’m going to tell you something that pisses me off. There are people who accost you in the street in such a condescending, mean and demeaning way, like “hey, take the picture there!” “. ”

Before adding: “Uh, hello, I’m with my son, my husband, we’re family, is it possible to do it in a less intrusive or more respectful way? There are people who think they can do anything. Wait guys, we’re human beings, we also have our limits! ”

As you will have understood, Nabilla seemed to be fed up with this kind of behavior.


Fortunately, she can count on her husband’s support to cheer her up and help her through times like this. A husband with whom she has made the choice to display her wedding ring.

Because yes, since Nabilla and Thomas got married, we had not yet seen their jewel stating that they were united for life. You just had to be patient. Since the pretty brunette just flaunted it to her fans.

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As you can see above, the bride and groom therefore have the same ring. They come from the Boucheron brand and are simply huge! A mixture of yellow gold, rose gold and arguably ceramic.

In short, a very beautiful jewel that will ensure a long life for the marriage of Nabilla and Thomas.



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