Nabilla happy to have found a loved one in Geneva!


Pretty Nabilla is super happy today! Indeed, Milann’s mom shared her happiness at the idea of ​​seeing her dad again!

Nabilla couldn’t be happier! Indeed, traveling to Geneva, the beautiful brunette was able to see her daddy again!

It’s no secret that Nabilla is very close to her family! Indeed, via her social networks, the beautiful brunette regularly films her grandmother Livia, her mother, but also her little brother Tarek!

Only there is one person that the beautiful brunette talks very little about and never films: her daddy! Indeed, Thomas Vergara’s wife is very discreet on this side and does not reveal much information about her paternal family!

“My dad works at the United Nations. I am very proud of my father. At the UN, it’s the High Commissioner for Refugees, those who take care of a lot of things but especially the poorest countries. Nabilla said in an interview a year ago.

“There is a lot going on there. For me, it’s a crazy job what he does, I just find it amazing. In addition he worked in many departments! »Concluded a beautiful brunette, very proud of her father!

So, this Sunday February 21, 2021, Nabilla Vergara shared her happiness at the idea of ​​having reunited with her father during her stay in Geneva!


A few hours ago, Nabilla posted a photo of herself as she got ready to board a private jet bound for Switzerland! A post the brunette beauty captioned: “Today I saw one of the most important people again, I love you Daddy ♥ ️! ”

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So fans of the latter did not fail to rejoice for their favorite influencer! The proof, in less than 24 hours, the publication in question has already accumulated more than 259,000 likes, a real record!

The comments are also very numerous! Indeed, Nabilla fans wanted to show their enthusiasm via the comments bar!

“Great, your dad finally got to meet your son!” I’m too happy for you Nabilla! “Your daddy must be so proud of you!” “” Too happy for you! You must have loved this moment! Your father must be in heaven too! ”

Can we read on the social network of the young woman of 29 years! Kind comments that will therefore warm the heart of Milann’s mother! Indeed, his fans seem to share his happiness at the idea of ​​being able to find his father after a few months of separation!

And for good reason, the beautiful Nabilla lives with her whole family in Dubai while her father lives in Geneva, the city where Nabilla grew up.


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