Nabilla goes wild on the tube of her ex Sofiane!


Remember, he was nuts about Nabi-Nabilla! The tube of Sofiane still seems to appeal to the star who is living her best life in Dubai.

8 years ago, Sofiane released a hit, proclaiming his love for his beautiful: Nabilla. If the two exes are no longer together, the principal interested is still having fun.

So remember, at the time … Nabilla and Sofiane were still together after the filming of Reality TV Angels.

Finally, this era is far behind the bimbo, who is living her best life alongside Thomas in Dubai. The past therefore belongs to the past.

However, that does not mean that she no longer has any memory of this period, far from it. She still remembers the hit written for her!

“It took me a while to come to terms with the buzz I had at the time with Nabilla, the track, etc. The artist had told Pure People. He should however fully assume this tube!

For good reason, he always makes the main interested party dance, who has typed her best twerk. Proof that she is having fun and that the sound envies her.


Alongside Léna Situations, Nabilla therefore filmed herself dancing to this well-known tune. “I’m crazy about you,” he would say at the time …

Milann’s mother didn’t forget the lyrics. It is clear that she still remembers this heady chorus.

Especially since it was one of the hits that helped make her famous. Sometimes mocked by the Web, and even by Cyprien, Sofiane made the buzz with this tube.

Just like Nabilla, who can say thank you, “even if she will never say it”, deplored Sofiane to Pure People. Either way, the tide has turned in his favor!

Dancing with such a sway, isn’t that a first gesture of thanks? To be continued …


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