Nabilla gives gifts to all her concierges and is generous!


Nabilla had a little thought for her janitors before Christmas! Indeed, the star has covered his employees with gifts. We show you!

Nabilla shows us once again that she has her heart in her hands! The pretty brunette decided to give presents to each of her janitors to thank them. Quickly discover all the information!

Nabilla is fully into the preparations for Christmas! Indeed, the it-girl finishes her shopping before returning to France to find her family.

Yesterday, the bomb took a break from her suitcases to go to the mall. She made her last gifts for those close to her.

But beware ! Thomas’ sweetheart has also thought of her employees! She decided to give small gifts to her concierges and to the people working in her villa.

The young woman is very grateful to these people. It was therefore impossible for her to leave Dubai without covering them with gifts.

Nabilla explained on snapchat, “I gave little gifts to all of my janitors. And all the people who work in my residence. They help us every day ”.


Nabilla continues and explains: “They are service people, but without them life wouldn’t be so easy. So I took little gifts from them each! “.

The star therefore has her heart on her hands! And despite her success, the latter does not forget to thank the people in her daily life. We love !

The pretty brunette is about to spoil her teams by taking her plane back to France. No doubt: the latter has certainly seen the big picture even for its janitors.

Nabilla loves to please around her. The star has also done a lot of shopping for friends and family. The bomb may therefore make many happy this year!


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