Nabilla flirts with Thomas Vergara on her Geneva trip!


Nabilla posted a video of her flirting with her husband Thomas Vergara, as if she were a stranger … to die for laughing!

There is no doubt, Nabilla is completely crazy about her darling, Thomas Vergara! Indeed, years after their meeting, they are still in love as on the first day!

After enjoying a few days’ stay in Paris, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara set sail for Switzerland! Indeed, a few days ago, the couple and their baby Milann took a private jet to travel to Geneva, the star’s hometown!

Thus, the sublime influencer did not fail to film each step of her journey via her Instagram story! Moreover, after putting down her bags, the beautiful brunette continued to inform her community of her day’s schedule!

Indeed, the beautiful Nabilla filmed herself while she was on a romantic walk with her husband! ” Am I bothering you ? Can I get your number ! “Even said Milann’s mother at Thomas Vergara, pretending to be a stranger!

A question to which the dad answered positively: “Yes, right away! The pretty influencer then joked, saying, “Is that what you tell people? ”

Nabilla openly flirt with Thomas Vergara on a trip to Geneva!


Very close to her family, Nabilla often films her mother or her grandmother Livia via her Instagram story! However, it is very rare that the beautiful brunette posts videos of her daddy!

Indeed, since the divorce of her parents, the young woman of 29 years is much less close to her father! So it’s always a pleasure when the latter pays him a little visit!

This Sunday, February 21, 2021, the pretty Nabilla therefore let her community know that she had paid him a visit! Indeed, the young woman posted a photo of herself aboard a private jet via her Instagram story!

A post the latter captioned: “Today I saw one of the most important people to me again aime I love you Daddy! »A text that made its subscribers react enormously via the comments bar!

“I’m so happy for you Nabilla! Family is so important! “Finally, your daddy got to meet your son!” So moving! “” I’m so happy for you girl, I hope you enjoyed your daddy… He must be so proud of you! ”

Can we read on the social network of the beautiful brunette! Comments all more adorable than the others! An enthusiasm that is sure to please Milann’s mother!

Indeed, the latter can count on her community to rejoice in each happy moment of her life that she wishes to share on the web!


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