Nabilla finds Magali Berdah to sign their projects!


Once again, Nabilla teases her very big project, in collaboration with Magali Berdah. This time, we know the contract is signed!

A few weeks ago, Nabilla and Magali Berdah teased a great project on their social networks. We know more.

So, in a Snapchat Story, the two young women spoke as they celebrated their brand new alliance. “Be careful because tonight we have achieved something and I am too proud. Hope you enjoy it. It is above all a project for you. “, They launched before adding:” You will all be too proud. You are sure to love it! “.

Although they haven’t said anything more at the time, things seem to be happening. Indeed, this morning, Nabilla filmed herself in a car, alongside Magali Berdah.

“Big date this morning… The long-awaited meeting… All this work… I’m so happy… I don’t even realize… we deserve!”, They exclaimed in heart. In caption, the star writes: “Big day”.

The beautiful Nabilla then explained that if she had a cold sore on her lip, it was because she was too excited. However, the latter is very annoyed because she has to come to a shooting in a few days. We hope that this little imperfection will be gone then.


Still this morning, Nabilla continued to teaser her brand new project, in collaboration with Magali Berdah. The latter notably posted a few humorous Stories to poke fun at her friend’s English accent.

We also learn that the agent is a huge fan of Coca Zéro! However, we also had the opportunity to accompany the two young women within the office where their contract is signed.

Thus, the young women filmed themselves in the company of a lawyer. “Live with the lawyer. Where is a contract? “, Launches the reality TV star.

For her part, Magali Berdah exclaims: “This is something, you are not ready! “. What even more to arouse the curiosity of their respective fans.

In order to prove that this is something concrete, the new mother asks out loud how many pages are in the contract. To which her friend replies: “At least 150 pages”, before giggling.

The least we can say is that Nabilla has become a real business woman in recent years. Indeed, as a reminder, the young woman has also embarked on the field of cosmetics. The influencer is also the head of her own brand called “Nabilla Beauty”. Wow!

So what does it still have in store for us? Anyway, we can’t wait to hear more, and very soon. It shouldn’t take too long. To be continued !


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