Nabilla: for her fans for sure, she has already given birth to little Milian!


The wait is too long for the fans of Nabilla, without news of her they suppose that she gave birth secretly. Nabilla is coming back!

When you are Nabilla the absence is noticed very quickly! Without a photo or videos Snapchat of the young woman, the fans are in panic and think what gave birth!

Indeed, it’s been two days since the star did not give news of her pregnancy. Fans stress and do not know or give head without their idol. However, Nabilla is not without heart, because after a weekend without news she still knew about her community.

This Monday, October 7th our future mother has posted a reassuring message on social networks:

“I speak again because I see that everyone is worried. I spent two days at the maternity ward. I had big contactions. I was in pain but the baby is not ready to go out. My collar was not open enough. The baby is very tall. It takes a lot of space. I’m fine, the baby is fine. ”

Indeed, it could be that yes! Because Nabilla and her companion Thomas are silent since 48h. It would seem that she gave birth since the young woman had insistent contractions a few days before. It’s coherent!

However, the fans do not want to wait anymore they already ask for pictures of the child. While no news has been transmitted. So fans are having fun on social networks about Nabilla and the future baby. Besides, there are very amusing reactions.

“I’m waiting to know if Nabilla gave birth, I refresh snap as if it was the Royal Baby”. “Well, I think Nabilla has given birth to .. and no news from Jessica, I’m too worried it looks like it’s my sisters”. Or again, “Nabilla is going to give birth, we will be a bye”

Cleаrly, things аre on the rise for Nabilla.Fаns wishing to see more of the beаuty should follow her Instаgrаm.

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