Nabilla: Family photo with Milann in suits for Christmas!


Nabilla shares an adorable family portrait for the holiday season! We reveal everything to you. Nabilla unveils a superb photo of her family to celebrate Christmas!

Now is the time to party! And celebrities take the opportunity to show us their best family photos. This is the case with Nabilla for example! Indeed, the young woman has unveiled beautiful photos of her family dressed for the occasion.

We then discover the young woman and her husband on their 31. Not to mention the cutest member of the family: little Milann.

For the occasion, he also pulled out his best suit! Nabilla fans have therefore been able to discover superb photos of little Milann in a suit and bow tie on the networks! Adorable.

“My little family and I wish you a Merry Christmas” writes the young woman in the caption of her Instagram post. She also adds Christmas tree emojis, gift and a heart for her loyal subscribers.


So Nabilla pulled out her best dress for the occasion. The young woman opted for a long sequined dress. Her husband, Thomas Vergara, also took out his beautiful suit.

And this one goes with that of his son, Milann. Except that the latter wears a bow tie around the neck. Too cute !

In the background of the photos that Nabilla posted we discover a superb Christmas decoration. Indeed, we notice a large tree decorated with great taste.

Fans of the young woman really liked her photos. In fact, his Instagram post collected more than 498,000 likes in just a few hours.

In the comments, fans of the starlet wish her a Merry Christmas in return. And some take the opportunity especially to let him know that his son is super adorable in his little suit! We validate.


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