Nabilla faces a big wig problem in Dubai!

Busy schedule for Nabilla! After running around a bit, she goes for a shoot … But ends up losing her wig!

Nabilla tried everything, but didn’t succeed! After a shoot for her beauty brand, she decided to take some pretty pictures in the swimming pool… But big wig problems prevented it!

Because this time around, the reality TV star won’t appear with really long hair. No, this time, it leaves room for a very short wig … “It’s not my hair”, she wants to clarify.

But after a few minutes of adaptation, Nabilla finally got used to it! She is therefore “very beautiful” with this new cut … and wants to immortalize the moment. The problems then begin.

“I said to Thomas, ‘come on, let’s take a picture before I take it off’, because it’s so beautiful … So I start to put my head back to take the picture …” Fatal error: its hair goes!

“Since we didn’t stick the wig on, it ended up in the water,” Nabilla laughs, back to normal. Meanwhile, Thomas is also showing up on his sweetheart’s Insta: he’s struggling to get his wig back!


The couple’s dog, a little disturbed by the situation, also jumps in all directions and soaks his master … “Well done,” then swings the influencer to her husband. He always struggles to extricate himself from the dog …

A rather funny sequence, therefore, for Nabilla. Laughing, she says that she “could not take pictures” … But on top of that, “Dubai must be too cold”! It therefore freezes in the pool.

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“Well, the pool is still heated, but I’m going to have to get out of the water, the wind is cold and I ruined my wig …” All, “without taking a picture”, so you can feel the annoyance in the model.

We will therefore have to wait for the results of the shooting to discover a Nabilla with short hair! In the meantime, she tries to stay positive, like Léna Situations with a “+ = +”… You need at least that to face the cold!



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