Nabilla enjoying it with Thomas Vergara and Milann!


Nabilla takes advantage of her awakening with her men. Surrounded by her husband Thomas Vergara and her son, the day started well.

Awakenings are sweet in Nabilla’s house. Everyone gives a big hug in bed. We therefore find her husband Thomas Vergara and her son Milann. They are trying to get their son to say words. But this one is not very receptive.

The only word he repeats is “cuckoo”. Even though Thomas desperately tries to get him to say “daddy,” the little boy doesn’t say a word. On the other hand “Tita” is his favorite. But no worries, the floor will loosen well at some point. You have to be patient.

In the morning, Nabilla therefore takes time for her family. She takes the time to wake up next to them before going to work. What better way to start the day than a big hug? We ask you! Once awake, the mother begins her day.

In a Snapchat story, she shows the books she just bought for her son. She begins to read him little stories. She therefore shows her latest purchases. And what she loves is that books make music at the same time.


Every day, Nabilla takes the time to take good care of her son. Yesterday the little family was going out to the restaurant. But from time to time the mother takes a moment with her husband to get together. This was the case at the spa, for example.

She recently explained the importance of keeping her life as a woman alongside that of her mother. But now Nabilla is asking herself a question: should she use even longer extensions? Because her hair has grown well since then.

Ultimately, she won’t cut them off. It must be said that it takes a lot of time and maintenance to get to the length it has. We are therefore waiting to see what it will give.


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