Nabilla cropped by fans for 8 years of love with Thomas!


On Twitter, Nabilla shared photos where she celebrated her 8 years of love with Thomas Vergara. On the other hand, the fans clashed them!

Several years ago, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara met during the filming of Angels. The two fell in love with each other. Since then, they have not let go despite many downs in their relationship.

This Wednesday, January 13, Nabilla celebrated a very important date on social networks. Indeed, this is her date of meeting her husband Thomas Vergara. She wanted to mark the occasion especially on Twitter and Instagram.

On her Twitter account, Nabilla made a lovely declaration of love for Thomas Vergara. She said: “At the beginning nobody believed in us, now we have loved each other for 8 years”.

The reality TV contestant also added: “And that we have built our life. And founded our family ”. While this post was intended for good, the young woman was quickly caught up in her past.


Indeed, fans weren’t shy about tackling her past mistakes. As a reminder, Nabilla stabbed Thomas Vergara during a party that got out of hand. Despite this tragedy, the two decided to stay together.

The subscribers all the same balked at Nabilla: “You still screwed up your guy, eh. “,” 8 years of toxic love. And 6 years since you stabbed him. “But also” I hope she will make a story when she tells Milan how she screwed up Thomas mdrr “.

Others also added: “There was still the stabbing. Worse than infidelity anyway. “,” There was the story of the knife anyway. “Or” At the same time you planted it. So hard to believe “.

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However, Nabilla did not react to all these messages. It remains to be seen if she will come back to this story on social networks. To be continued!


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