Nabilla criticized the Valentine’s Day gifts for “I’m happy”!


On social networks, the beautiful Nabilla responded to haters who criticized her many and luxurious gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Each year, Thomas Vergara goes all out to please Nabilla on Valentine’s Day. And the least that can be said is that he doesn’t slack off year after year. On the contrary, he always does more for his wife.

This Sunday, February 14, Thomas Vergara has some incredible surprises in store for Nabilla. First, he decorated his hotel room at the George V Paris with rose petals and heart-shaped balloons. But that’s not all.

He also planned a luxury dinner for Valentine’s Day. And as if that was not enough, Thomas Vergara bought two bags from Nabilla. A small bag in the shape of a white pouch and a Birkin Cargo.

On her Snapchat account, the young woman also confided: “I had a first gift. It is beautiful, it is too beautiful, the color is too beautiful. He was in this little box. Too too beautiful ”.

She also added: “He’s too cute. It’s a pocket bag. The color is too beautiful. I’m so happy, it’s so beautiful. I am living a daydream. “.

A few minutes later, Nabilla swung: “He gave me the bag like Cardi B !! The Birkin Cargo, it is nowhere to be found ”. The pretty brunette then made a beautiful declaration of love to Thomas Vergara.


Nabilla said: “The best husband in the world. The best husband on Earth. There are two on Earth. It is amazing this bag. He’s so stylish. I love it. He is the most beautiful, the nicest. He’s crazy ”.

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Nabilla also explained, “It’s too serious. I am so happy. I’ve been looking for it for 1 year. He can not be found “. She also confessed that Cardi B would have looked for this bag around the world.

On the other hand, and like last year, Milann’s mother had to face criticism from the haters. On her Snapchat account, she then swung, “I received such a nice gift. Finally too beautiful gifts ”.

The reality TV candidate balanced: “Obviously, as I share everything, there are always people who criticize a little bit. But yes I like bags. My darling knows me. I don’t hide it, I love bags “.

Nabilla also revealed: “(…) That’s what makes me happy. So I’m very happy with my bags like that. I love them more than anything. It’s my passion, it’s like that. Everyone has their own passions ”.

Finally, she also concluded: “There are those who love pines, paintings. I like bags and that’s how it is. It will not change ”.


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