Nabilla: Crazy Christmas party with Maeva Ghennam!


Nabilla celebrated the New Year with her friends. And among them we therefore find Maeva Ghennam but also Manon Tanti. And the evening was fun.

Last night, the world celebrated the transition to the new year. That’s it, 2020 is behind us, hello 2021. And Nabilla was not left out to have a good evening with her friends Maeva Ghennam and Manon Tanti in Dubai.

The young woman is getting ready for the occasion. And she decides to go to a club in Dubai with the girls. Because in the photos, we only see girls! Where has Thomas Vergara gone? And among the girls we see in the photos we can recognize some.

Like for example Manon tant or Maeva Ghennam. It must be said that all of them live in Dubai with their husbands. So they went to one of the most famous bars to spend the New Year together. We could see them all arriving in their party outfits.

The small group ate there for their greatest happiness. He was then savoring caviar to celebrate 2021. As we recall, Nabilla is a big fan of caviar. As soon as she comes out, the young mother takes a box to have a little pleasure.


With her friends, they put caviar on their hands to make a dry ass. Then the best time is of course the count on the most famous building in Dubai. Nabilla films the last moments of the year and the fireworks that follow.

And what you can say is that he is impressive. But the evening does not end at midnight for Nabilla. The girls started to dance. Nabilla was jumping everywhere with Paola, her friend. But also took a photo with Maeva Ghennam and Manon Tanti.

The evening looked very good and drunk. Friends were dancing the night away. The mood really seemed to be max. Thomas Vergara joined the girls for their greatest happiness! And above all, happy new year!


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