Nabilla confuses Tarek with her husband Thomas Vergara!


By wanting to mark her brother Tarek on Instagram … Nabilla was wrong in tagging … her husband Thomas Vergara! A great blunder!

Nabilla confused her little brother Tarek with her husband on Instagram! A small blunder that drew him some mockery from Internet users!

Via her Instagram story, the beautiful Nabilla congratulated her little brother Tarek and his wife Camélia. In effect, the last of them have just become a parent… A real treat for the star who consequently becomes an auntie for the first time!

The only thing is, Milann’s mom didn’t tag the right person via her Instagram story! Indeed, instead of tagging her little brother, the beautiful brunette has marked her own husband, Thomas Vergara!

An error that must have confused more than one Internet user! Indeed, several of the beautiful Nabilla’s subscribers must not have understood … Obviously, the young woman was wrong!


Via her Instagram story, Nabilla spoke at length about her meeting with her nephew: “I met him yesterday, he’s beautiful, he’s too too too handsome, that’s crazy stuff. I’m so happy, really I was overwhelmed. ”

“I hope I can see him again either today or a little later when they are released from the hospital. Anyway don’t worry, everything went very well, they are doing great and looking great on them, and I’m so happy for them. ”

FYI, Nabilla’s sister-in-law gave birth on November 11! The latter has already posted a message on Instagram to announce the news. “Hello Liaam. Today it’s been a day since you were born and I am filled with love with your mom if you only knew … ”

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“You brought back to my life the thing that I missed a son I would always be there for yourself at the risk of my life know it, you are my greatest achievement and you gave meaning to my life ❤️ Mom s ‘is beaten to bring you into the world but now you are there a little angel with us. “So wrote the young mother.


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